ADN-144-SUB [English Subtitle] I Think My Husband Knows Saeko Matsushita
ADN00144 夫はきっと、気づいてる。 松下紗栄子

Director: Amazing Meat
Studio: Attackers
Runtimes: 105 minutes
Release Date: Nov. 18, 2017
Viewed: 11.6K
Description: ADN-144 - [English Subtitle] I Think My Husband Knows Saeko Matsushita. This movie release date Nov. 18, 2017 English Subtitle version is about embarrassment, married woman, featured actress. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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sayhey242022-01-16 04:38:32
Saeko matsushita - just imagine how much weight is carried inside her sexy bra, those glorious breasts that men dream about. in this video, she's attacked and taken by a younger man, her husband always nearby, it seems. around the 6 to 8 minute mark, the kid is rough enough and saeko's boobs so big, her bra is ripped and the strap broken, with one boob left to flop out - kind of nice to see. throughout the movie she's taken aside on a moment's notice for sex with the intruder, and becomes enchanted at the cheating. almost discovered once with the young man's cock in her mouth, it looks like their love-making was discovered in the end, but that is an unanswered question in this. saeko, as always is 10/10!! the movie is just 8/10 because the actors don't match up to the actress.

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