JUY-717 A Thunderous Rainstorm A Night Alone With The Boss's Wife Ai Sayama
JUY00717 暴風雨 上司の奥さんと二人だけの夜 佐山愛

Director: Mametaro Mamezawa
Label: Madonna
Cast: Ai Sayama
Studio: Madonna
Runtimes: 117 minutes
Release Date: Dec. 29, 2018
Viewed: 1.9K
Description: JUY-717 - A Thunderous Rainstorm A Night Alone With The Boss's Wife Ai Sayama. This movie release date Dec. 29, 2018 Censored version is about mature woman, married woman, big tits, big asses, featured actress, cheating wife, digital mosaic. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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sayhey242022-01-17 10:41:40
Mr. kuroda was out with his boss drinking and helps the man stagger home drunk. when delivering the boss, kuroda notices how attractive the boss's wife, ai sayama is, and the tremendous figure she has. the next day the boss asks kuroda to go to his house to grab some work materials despite the heavy storm that is expected. when he arrives, the storm is in full force and when he meets ai at the door, she's wet and her clothes are clinging to that amazing body. when the power goes out it's too dangerous for kuroda to travel back, so he stays in the house with the wife to try and warm themselves. it's not too long before he makes an advance on the mature beauty, and she's laying back on the couch soon after with the man's hands exploring her big breasts, wide hips and between her legs. the passion builds and they make love with the other on the boss's couch in the dark. acquainted with each other now, the couple makes love through the night, ai sayama succumbing to his advances, spreading herself to let the man pound her inside, make her orgasm and cumming on the cheating wife's breasts, lips and face.

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