MDYD-703-RM [Reducing Mosaic] I Liked Getting Fucked By My Husband's Friend... Yumi Kazama
MDYD00703 夫の親友に犯●れ感じてしまった私… 風間ゆみ

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Director: Osamushi Sugawara
Label: Tameike Goro
Cast: Yumi Kazama
Studio: Tameike Goro
Runtimes: 117 minutes
Release Date: Jul. 12, 2012
Viewed: 3.5K
Description: Reducing Mosaic version Yumi is a housewife. Her workaholic husband doesn't pay attention to her, so she spends all her days in boredom. Then one day, her husbands Drink friend attacked her. Usually she would be shocked by this, but since she is so sexually frustrated, she starts a dangerous love affair with him...The realities of a wife's hidden sexual desires!. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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