MIDE-114-RM [Reducing Mosaic] Violent KISS and Body Rubbing Yu Konishi
MIDE00114 猛烈なKISSと絡み合う肉体 小西悠

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Director: Tequilia Tino
Label: Moodyz Diva
Cast: Yu Konishi
Studio: Moodyz
Runtimes: 118 minutes
Release Date: May. 29, 2014
Viewed: 690
Description: Reducing Mosaic version She's held out for so long, but Yu Konishi is finally staring in the MOODYZ's series with the most intensely tangled, hot and heavy sex scenes - "Violent KISS and Body Rubbing"! She said she couldn't do it, so now she give it her all and stands out above the rest in carnal passion! These deep, hard kisses make her lips and tongue even more sensitive than her pussy... Tongues, fingers, arms, legs, hips, saliva, sweat, pussy juice, and cock - they all twine together in this hot and heavy fuck session!. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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