MUM-111-RM [Reducing Mosaic] She Was Told That The Anus Is Just Another Pussy. Her First Cock. Marie 149cm (Hairless)
MUM00111 アナルはもう一つのマ○コだと教えられる。初めての生チ○ポ。まりえ 149cm(無毛)

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Director: Piero Da
Studio: Minimum
Label: Minimum
Cast: Updating...
Release Date: Apr. 26, 2014
Viewed: 487
Description: Reducing Mosaic version When this girl put on her swimsuit, she found a hole in it. We told her that hole is for attaching a tail. Then we did our best to show her what we meant. It looked painful, but I think she finally got the point. The inside of her ass feels hot, and there's something white dribbling down her thighs. (Her first anal experience and a genuine creampie.)
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