NDRA-028 A Housewife Who Became The Sex Slave Of My Neighbor 3 Prying Open The Gates Of Pleasure Miho Nakazato
NDRA00028 隣人の情婦になってしまった妻3 貫かれた菊門 中里美穂

Director: ---
Label: Manji Group
Studio: Jet Eizo
Runtimes: 121 minutes
Release Date: Oct. 02, 2016
Added: 2 months ago
Viewed: 5.4K
Description: NDRA-028 - A Housewife Who Became The Sex Slave Of My Neighbor 3 Prying Open The Gates Of Pleasure Miho Nakazato. This movie release date Oct. 02, 2016 Censored version is about Nice Tits, married woman, featured actress, cheating wife, drama, Anal. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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sayhey242022-04-20 04:11:05
The 'pretty-wife' becomes the neighbor's mistress (or whore) series follows a theme ... scene 1 - the pretty wife and husband enjoy their married apartment life in tokyo ... scene 2 - the couple are met by the sinister neighbor, a guy that smokes and talks loudly on his cell phone while waiting for the elevator. the pretty wife calls him out on his rude behavior ... scene 3 - the neighbor sees the pretty wife alone in the common area and teases her about her weak husband, also commenting how sweet she looks ... scene 4 - the husband returns home from work one night, and for some reason, peeks inside the bad-guy's apartment to find his wife on her knees blowing the guy while he smokes, drinks and talks loudly on his cell phone. after she swallows, she dutifully refills his beer and lights his cigarette ... scene 5 - the pretty wife confesses to her husband how, when she delivered the building rules to mr. sinister, he crumpled the paper and tossed it back in her face, before jumping her and having his fun, along the way telling her what a 'real man' should feel like. the next morning, when he has a chance to put an end to the abuse, the husband watches his pretty wife deliver breakfast to the bad man next door, disappearing into the dark world of submissiveness ... scene 6 - coming home one night, the husband passes the slightly open window of his bathroom to witness his pretty wife tenderly bathing the man's body and smoking his cock, which is noticeably more impressive than the husbands ... scene 7 - while waiting one morning for the elevator, the husband sees the neighbor and is treated to a video he's shown where his wife is blindfolded, teased and brought to multiple orgasms by the dude. in the video the husband hears his wife praising the bad-guy, and all he's done to drive her sex-crazy while she begs again for his cock ... scene 8 - the movie culminates in the pretty wife primping herself for a night of consensual sex next-door, completely at the disposal of the man they both thought was evil. she's dressed to thrill and, despite the pleas of her husband, leaves anyway, sure to be on-time. her husband meekly follows a couple minutes behind, once again seeing his lovely girl turned inside/out, from innocent housewife to the neighbor's submissive mistress. knowing he's lost her, he witnesses her orgasms time and again. he hears her praise this man and beg for the guy's big, hard cock to be shoved inside her, then crying out for his cum and asking to get pregnant, she declares how useless her husband was to her and now devotes herself to the man she once loathed. as the man slowly leaves, the new "couple", the wife tells her new man she's good to go for round 2. the night's still young!

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