PGD-949 An NTR Class Reunion My Wife's Shitty Ex Boyfriend Filmed Peeping Footage of Him Having Infidelity Creampie Sex With Her
PGD00949 同窓会NTR~妻の最低な元カレが盗撮した浮気中出し映像~

Director: Morutsukun
Label: Glamorous
Cast: ---
Studio: Premium
Runtimes: 116 minutes
Release Date: Apr. 22, 2017
Viewed: 1.1K
Description: PGD-949 - An NTR Class Reunion My Wife's Shitty Ex Boyfriend Filmed Peeping Footage of Him Having Infidelity Creampie Sex With Her. This movie release date Apr. 22, 2017 Censored version is about married woman, cowgirl, cheating wife, creampie, digital mosaic. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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sayhey242022-01-15 10:41:42
Shino mugumi is 9/10, maybe higher rating ... movie rating is also 9/10!
sayhey242022-01-15 10:40:32
Shino megumi wears the traditional long grey sweater that jav women wear when they are going to get cheat-fucked in a hotel room, but before that she doesn't seem to mind the flirty touching and filming of her at the reunion as she gets wasted with the old gang. that same stuff that is sent on video back to her husband showing the ex-bf with arm around the giddy, drunk wife as he's pulling at her clothes for peeks at her body and up her dress. thinking the ex-bf is noble to take her safely home, she fails to understand that home is back to his hotel room, a.k.a. the scene of her crimes against the husband!! it takes just 10 minutes into the movie for the seduction to begin, another 10 minutes for her to have her tongue in his mouth and at the 40-minute mark, she lets him take her to fuck-city, the place they'll keep on visiting. dressed and ready to leave, wearing that same grey sweater, she pauses for one last kiss, knowing she should have been home long ago. going back to fuck-city is where they end up, though, with her taking creampie #5, grinning like the sexy slut she is as he finishes inside, walking into her apartment at 4:30 am, she drapes the only clothing she had that was not filled with the ex's cum over her sleeping husband's shoulders and heads off to the shower to wash away her sins of infidelity, forgetting the most proof was left in the crotch of her soiled panties - the same panties the husband inspects to confirm what she's been up to all night. happy birthday, honey!
sayhey242022-01-15 02:06:15
Plot: shino-chan has been married to a dull guy for 2 years. she attends an old students reunion without the spouse and meets the ex-boyfriend there, she recalls the past fun they had and proceed to lose all inhibitions (the alcohol helped with that) and practiced the old unfaithful wife act, while her husband, at home, desperately tries to know why she has not made it home yet. it's a reunion that ends well for the cheating wife and, just not for the husband!

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