PRED-154 Class Reunion Girlfriend R*pe (Exclusive Actress Special!) Video Of Girlfriend Getting Fucked Raw By Her Ex Boyfriend Shoko Akiyama
PRED00154 同窓会NTR【専属女優スペシャル!】~最低な元カレに堕ちた彼女の浮気中出し映像~ 秋山祥子

Director: Morutsukun
Label: Elegance
Studio: Premium
Runtimes: 119 minutes
Release Date: Jun. 01, 2019
Viewed: 1.1K
Description: PRED-154 - Class Reunion Girlfriend Rpe (Exclusive Actress Special!) Video Of Girlfriend Getting Fucked Raw By Her Ex Boyfriend Shoko Akiyama. This movie release date Jun. 01, 2019 Censored version is about big tits, featured actress, cowgirl, cheating wife, creampie, digital mosaic. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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sayhey242022-01-16 15:10:21
Akiyama shouko plans to attend a class reunion, donning that long grey sweater before she leaves. you know the sweater that is guaranteed to be piled on the floor of a love hotel room as the cheating wife gets pounded by her nasty ex-boyfriend. all this happens because 1) her husband is left behind; 2) she gets shit-faced drunk; 3) the ex-boyfriend plots to take advantage of the situation at the first opportunity; and 4) she kind of wants it all to happen. the video sent to the husband from the re-union has his wife showing off her ring while she chugs beer. to her right is a shadowy figure (shitty ex-bf) looping his arm around her shoulders as the camera focuses on her deep cleavage. even though she promises she would not drink much and to be back home on the last train, she instead agrees to go back to the ex's hotel to rest a bit. about 9:30 we see the sweater tossed to the floor and the seduction (assault) begins. soon after, the lovely wife is stripped down for lots of intimate lovemaking that includes kissing, blowjobs, oral sex and creampie-fucking, with the ex happy to record his hard cock plunging into her wet pussy. she's so into the action she fails to hear the husband's phone call. wearing only a tpwel, she answers her husband's call at 11:00. she talks for a while, even with the ex's fingers plunging into her wet pussy, and the midnight call is left to voice mail because she's getting railed hard again. at 1:00am, she's so into the infidelity she's removed the wedding band while having more sex standing in the shower. it becomes a loooooong night of passionate infidelity, and as the wife goes to leave, she gets fucked one last time, this one standing by the mirror with her dress lifted up on her ass. by the time she arrives home, every one is spent, but she consoles her husband with an early morning fuck, her cum-soaked panties next to them on the bed and the grey sweater on the floor once again.

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