PRED-179 Class Reunion Cuckolding (Exclusive Actress Special!) - Married Woman Gets Creampied By Her Shitty Old Boyfriend - Minami Hatsukawa
PRED00179 同窓会NTR【専属女優スペシャル!】~妻の最低な元カレに堕ちた浮気中出し映像~ 初川みなみ

Director: Morutsukun
Label: Elegance
Studio: Premium
Runtimes: 117 minutes
Release Date: Sep. 05, 2019
Viewed: 1K
Description: PRED-179 - Class Reunion Cuckolding (Exclusive Actress Special!) - Married Woman Gets Creampied By Her Shitty Old Boyfriend - Minami Hatsukawa. This movie release date Sep. 05, 2019 Censored version is about married woman, adultery, featured actress, cheating wife, creampie, digital mosaic. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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sayhey242022-01-16 02:37:29
With the theme of the class reunion, the darling wife (minami hatsukawa here) always gets dressed to look her best for the guys she wanted to impress while the husband looks at the invitation as his wife walks out the door. since reunions are about trying to impress, there's always a dude(s) that hit on the women with wedding rings there without their husbands ... and the alcohol! it's the old bad-boyfriend that provide the drinks ... and the ride home. that ride home usually includes an 8 hour stop at the hotel room where unseemly pictures are recorded along with forced/reluctant sex that ultimately jogs the unfaithful wife into more despicable behavior, but reminding her that she loved it when this guy fucked her when they were younger, quality fucking she no longer gets at home. the ex-bf doesn't say it, but he practices baby-making with his lovely old girlfriend most every time busting inside her hairy pussy, leaving his mark and trying to start a new legacy for them. when minami returns her husband's phone call to tell him she's ok, but nursing a drunk friend or something like that, the bad-boyfriend begins seduction #2, one that surprises and stresses her. since the first night cheating was so great, minami meets the old-bf again at a famous love hotel-room for more unfaithful sex, leaving evidence of the affair behind in her apartment in the form of a receipt for condoms, found by her husband. when she leaves the love-nest, she brings the love partner with in the form of cum-soaked panties ... and yes, they are found by the cucked husband.

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