PRED-219 Hospitalization Private Room Cuckold -Cheating Creampie Video Of Wife Falling For Her Awful Ex-Boyfriend-
PRED00219 入院個室NTR ~最低な元カレに堕ちた妻の浮気中出し映像~

Director: Morutsukun
Label: Elegance
Cast: ---
Studio: Premium
Runtimes: 119 minutes
Release Date: Feb. 01, 2020
Viewed: 764
Description: PRED-219 - Hospitalization Private Room Cuckold -Cheating Creampie Video Of Wife Falling For Her Awful Ex-Boyfriend-. This movie release date Feb. 01, 2020 Censored version is about married woman, slender, outdoor, cheating wife, creampie, digital mosaic. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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sayhey242022-01-17 13:00:27
Usui saryuu ... in an unusual plot twist, she is admitted to a hospital for observation when her ex-boyfriend, also a patient at the hospital barges into a conversation usui is having with her husband. usui admits the man is her ex, but there's not a thing to worry about, since he now repulses her, not a thing to worry about. that night while she's sleeping the creepy guy exposes her small breasts and begins licking her nipples. she wakes up, and because it's a hospital and they are alone, her muted cries go unheard as the ex-bf goes to fuck-town on the slender, young bride. they do the usual seduction routine and as it goes, she becomes more of a participant than victim, ultimately orgasms and creampies result. the moment she stuffs her tongue in his mouth while being fucked, you know she's a goner! the husband arrives to see the ex-bf leaving the room tieing his robe and suspects the worst, so he rushes in to check on usui, whose demurely sitting on the bed in a robe holding oranges she said were a gift from the guy. what the husband did not see was the cum seeping out of her just-fucked pussy, wearing no panties. it seems the ex-bf finds a dozen hideouts to meet usui and fuck her, as if there is no one else in the hospital when he pulls his phone out to record. the real twist to this one occurs when the husband shows up after work to learn usui is ok, but that she checked out at noon, same time as the old boyfriend, and that they were going to walk home together. the couple made it only as far as a hotel where they are fully engaged with each other, not answering the calls of her husband, at the same time not wearing that wedding ring on her finger either. it's safe to say here, the treatments they got worked and these two young kids can enjoy their newly rekindled life together.

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