SERO-151-SUB [English Subtitle] Reiko Kobayakawa, The Mother Who Saw The Moment When Her Son Chipo Dreamed, Couldn't Stand It Anymore
SERO151SO 息子のチ○ポが夢精する瞬間を見た母はもうガマンできない 小早川怜子

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Director: ---
Label: Erotica
Studio: Erotica
Runtimes: 125 minutes
Release Date: Nov. 23, 2012
Viewed: 221.5K
Description: [English Subtitle] Reiko Kobayakawa, the mother who saw the moment when her son Chipo dreamed, couldn't stand it anymore. This movie release date Nov. 23, 2012 English Subtitle version is about Even though I knew that my son, Chipo, who was dreaming erotic, couldn't get an erection every morning, the smell that filled his son's room aroused my mother's nasty imagination ... Reiko swinging her hips. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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