SNIS-004-RM [Reducing Mosaic] No Makeup! Ayumi Kimino
SNIS00004 すっぴんだよ きみの歩美

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Director: Take-d
Label: S1 No1 Style
Cast: Ayumi Kimito
Studio: S1 No.1 Style
Runtimes: 153 minutes
Release Date: Oct. 05, 2013
Viewed: 388
Description: Reducing Mosaic version I want to see number-one S1 idol Ayumi Kimino with No Makeup! In No Makeup sex just after waking, her No Makeup face is licked all over by an older man. She washes her face with semen, her sweat-streaked No Makeup face... Please enjoy Kimi Ayu's body, heart, and face totally bare!. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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